The Hastings Forward team has a solid record of accomplishments :

Financial Stability

  • Financial reserves exceeded target of 10%.
  • Kept budget under 2% budget increase cap again for two years, earning residents a property tax rebate check.
  • Created the Village’s first capital reserve fund in decades.
  • Folded Village assessment roll into Greenburgh roll.



  • Consent Decree finished negotiated and signed.
  • Building 52 Demolition Permitting approved.
  • Shoreline Committee, enabled by $45,000 DEC grant, began the design phase for the shoreline.



  • LED Lights installed in 90% of streetlights, saving $45,000/year and the equivalent of the average electricity usage of 20 households.
  • Village-wide green electric energy (CCA) implemented, saving residents hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
  • 53 homes added solar panels via the Solarize campaign, raising the total to more than 75 village-wide installations.
  • Clean Energy Community designation and $52,500 in grants (TBD).
  • Joined other municipalities in the Hudson River Waterfront Alliance to oppose the US Coast Guard’s proposal for permanent river barge anchorages off our waterfront.


Infrastructure Renewal

  • All new Reynolds Playground.
  • Renovated Riverview Park.
  • Worked with consultant to initiate a five-year plan for street repair.
  • Began first curb replacements in fifteen years.
  • New sidewalk on Hillside Avenue installed.



  • Cleaner downtown.
  • Won street sweeper grant.
  • Assisted in the opening of several outstanding new restaurants and stores downtown through the Downtown Advocate’s efforts.



  • Created and imposed a gateway cluster overlay zoning.
  • Transportation group: first project was traffic calming signs and effort throughout town.
  • Joined the proposal that won the $150,000 Route 9 Study grant to redesign Broadway (Rt.9) for bikes and pedestrians.
  • Completed our third year of the ongoing deer contraception experiment.