The Hastings Forward team has a solid record of improvements throughout our community. We pledge to maintain our momentum toward a bright future on the waterfront and downtown, as well as in our streets and parks and other vital infrastructure, while keeping budgets under control.

Financial Responsibility

  • We will continue the budget oversight that has moved Hastings from a deficit of more than half-a-million-dollars to a general funds reserve of $1.62-million plus a capital reserve of $200,000.



  • What would Hastings residents like to see on our new waterfront? The Shoreline Advisory Committee will complete recommendations this year on our new shoreline park. We will work to make sure their recommendations are included in BP-ARCO’s final engineering design for the waterfront.

Water Tower

  • We will work with the community to determine the fate of the water tower. The tower will need to come down as part of the remediation process. Together we’ll decide if it should be:
    1) Dismantled, stored and eventually rebuilt on the site;
    2) Replaced by a new water tower that reflects the history of the site and adds new attractions such as an observation deck on top; or
    3) Demolished and not replaced.


  • The single most important next step facing the Village is the rezoning of the waterfront. This will determine what can be placed there, how it will affect us financially, and how the waterfront will fit into the future Village. We will work to guide this process to its conclusion with maximum involvement from the community.


Municipal and Community Solar

  • To reduce our Village’s reliance on grid electricity supply and cut costs, we will evaluate opportunities for solar photovoltaic installations on our municipal buildings, parking lots and other spaces. We’ll also promote community solar installations on private village buildings to create solar investment opportunities for residents whose houses aren’t suitable for solar panels.

Improve Municipal Energy Efficiency

  • Utilizing the energy benchmarking and reporting for all municipal buildings that was recently enacted by the Board, we’ll identify opportunities to decrease Village government energy use through building upgrades and conservation, and we’ll upgrade our vehicle fleet with electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations whenever possible.

Climate Smart Community

  • We will continue to carry out actions that will earn NY State designation as a Climate Smart Community.

No Barge Parking

  • We will continue to fight alongside our neighboring communities and Hudson River organizations to stop the proposed permanent barge anchorage sites from Yonkers to Dobbs Ferry.



  • We’ve dramatically increased our repaving budget. The Village has started replacing old curbs and building new ones. We built our first new sidewalk (on Hillside Ave.). We’ll continue and accelerate these improvements consistent with our Complete Streets Policy and Transportation Working Group recommendations.

Walkability and Pedestrian Safety

  • We will work with the recommendations of the Transportation Working Group and support funding for initiatives brought to the village board that both increase pedestrian safety and increase walkability throughout the village.

Park Maintenance

  • Our Village needs to give some tender loving care to Hillside Woods and our other parks. They are beginning to show the impact of deer over-grazing, fertilizer run-off and other depredations. We’ll develop a plan to ensure that these parks are properly maintained and improved for future generations.

New Park

  • We will plan and renovate our first new park in a decade – the reopening of Quarry Park off Aqueduct Lane. This will complete a chain of paths or parks all the way from the waterfront to the High School.


  • We have laid the groundwork for a rebirth of the downtown, with new restaurants, shops and galleries, and we will reinforce and expand that welcome development with a plan to upgrade downtown infrastructure, such as new sidewalks, traffic calming and street furniture.

Affordable Housing

  • We are committed to building on our village’s demonstrated success in creating more affordable housing.